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    The Usher Hall Edinburgh...

    Adam Mint
    Adam Mint

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    The Usher Hall Edinburgh... Empty The Usher Hall Edinburgh...

    Post by Adam Mint Fri 12 Jan 2018 - 23:38

    The Usher Hall Edinburgh...

    Annie's watching Corri, there's a wedding going on, I start singing "There could be trouble ahead",,, Annie goes sore necks, I get it, couple of years back she bought surprise tickets for us to go see Top Hat Valentin's  day, deal was I book surprise meal, her something after,,, the sore neck bit, we were back row heads touching ceiling of theatre,,, she says bet that was a first, I say no,,, 1975 I think it was, Johnny Cash the Usher Hall Edinburgh, back row, bent double I was, but great show, then years later got last minute tickets Nancy Griffith, turned out we were sitting on the stage behind her, very feckin odd facing thousands of people, then a few weeks later Usher Hall again for Jools Holland, we were seated just where the guy in left of picture is, I was dying of a grade one hangover from previous night, only got in to gig near the end...

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    The Usher Hall Edinburgh... Image101
    The Usher Hall Edinburgh... Image102

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